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Contributions (e77e8c98-49d1-4032-ae24-e127dc0bbeb2)


Who the contribtuion is being given to. This is best as either an organization name or a small, generic title for the contribution.

The receiver of fund's primary website.

Elon Musk

If you cannot find the exact date, an estimate is ok.


$5 = 5, $3000 = 3000, etc. *Please enter USD*


USD only for now. We haven't yet built currency conversion...



Do not duplicate items that are already causes

5 = Very High 4 = High 3 = Medium 2 = Low 1 = Unrated


The URL where you sourced the information. Click "Add" in the dropdown when it comes up to ensure your data is entered.

If the contribution was through a philanthropic fund or foundation, please specify which one it was here. If the donation was to a medical research fund, that *does not* qualify for this field.